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MimioMobile Network Guide

Connection Requirements
MimioMobile creates a TCP/IP connection between the connected devices and MimioStudio™
software. The ports that need to be opened on the local network are:

59710, 59711

The following address will also need to be added to your firewall and/or proxy on ports 80 and 443 if you are using MimioMobile for the Web.

mobile.mimio.com –

The MimioMobile app is designed to work across subnets so that a device on network ‘1’ is able to
connect to the MimioStudio computer on network ‘2.’ In order for this to work, the subnets have
to be addressable and changes may need to be made to the firewall to open the ports referenced

Bandwidth Requirements
To fully support the Control and Collaborate features, the network should support at least 1 Mbps
per connected device.

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