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MimioMobile and Windows Firewall Rules

When attempting to use MimioMobile with a Windows based teacher computer the appropriate Windows Firewall Rules need to be created.

To ensure the rules are created on your windows computer please do the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Firewall Advanced Settings:
    1. Click Start
    2. Type Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security
    3. Press ENTER
  2. Remove any duplicate or existing rules for MimioStudio programs:
    1. Right Click on a rule and Click Delete
  3. Add New Inbound Rules for respective MimioStudio programs:
    1. Click Inbound Rules
    2. Right Click on Inbound Rules; Click New Rule
    3. Select Program; Click Next
    4. Select This program path; Type the following for each respective program; Click Next (Each program requires repeating steps 1 through 7 to create a new rule for each program) 
      • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\mimio\MimioStudio\mimiosys.exe
      • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\mimio\MimioStudio\Collaborate.exe
      • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\mimio\MimioStudio\Notebook.exe
      • %ProgramFiles% (x86)\mimio\MimioStudio\View.exe
    5. Select Allow the connection; Click Next
    6. Select each box for Domain, Private, and Public; Click Next
    7. In the Name field type the respective name of the program you are creating the rule for (ex. MimioStudio Collaborate for Collaborate.exe; Click Finish





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