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Microphone issue with Recorder in MimioStudio Notebook

For the Microphone issue with Recorder in MimioStudio Notebook please make sure that the computer’s microphone is accessible and enabled and that there isn’t anything in place like a headset that could be causing confusion with which has control of the mic, otherwise you will need to take one of the following actions to ensure the Recorder works as expected:


  1. Plug in a microphone.
  2. Go into MimioStudio Settings > Recorder > Audio Quality > Change to “No Audio”.


If the microphone is enabled and works in other applications on your computer, but not MimioStudio, please let Mimio know and include some videos and screenshots so we can learn any error messages shown, more about their environment, see the steps they are taking so we can duplicate, etc. From there we can better learn if there’s settings that needs adjustments, features that need updates, alternate possible resolutions, etc. The more we know about the issue, the better and quicker we can help with a solution.

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