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Touch Not Working in Chrome Browser

If the Mimio Interactive Pens are not working within Chrome Browser, Touch Events may need to be enabled.

To enable Touch Events please make sure only the website that is having touch issues is open.


  1. Start by opening a new chrome tab CTRL+T
  2. In the address bar type "chrome://flags/"
  3. Next, press CTRL+F to open the find box at the top right corner of chrome.
  4. Search for "Touch Events"
  5. Change the settings for "Touch Events API" and "Touch initiated drag and drop" setting to "Enabled"
  6. To save changes click the blue box at the bottom that says "Relaunch Now"

 Chrome will close all windows and tabs and relaunch them.

Once Chrome relaunches test the Mimio Interactive Pens with the website it was not working with before the setting change to confirm it has addressed the interactive issue.

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