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Connecting a Teacher Device to Mimio Mobile

  1. On your IOS, Android or Windows device, download “Mimio Mobile”. Once the app is downloaded proceed to “MimioStudio” on your PC or Laptop.



2. On your PC or Laptop select the following;

        Select “Tools” > “Settings” (At the top left of Mimio Studio)




3. Select “Mobile” and you will see the QR code





On your Mobile device there are 3 connection methods; QR scan, History, and Manual.


1. QR Method- Open the Mimio app, tap the QR code and match 4 corner outline to the QR code on your laptop




 2. History- Select “History” and previous classes will appear for selectionHistory.png

3. Manual- You will need to fill in all necessary fields which you can find in the Mobile section on your PC or laptop.

manualenter.png                    connectioninfo.png


You are now connected and can push out lessons!!!







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