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MimioView User Guide

What is a MimioView?

The MimioView is a document camera. You can use the MimioView camera to display documents, three-dimensional objects, and microscope slides.


To connect the MimioView

  1. Plug in the USB cable from the document camera to the computer.
  2. Press the viewbutton.png icon on the base of the document camera to display live images.
  3. Press the viewbutton.png icon again to turn off the document camera.


Annotating an Image

You can use MimioStudio Tools to annotate the image displayed in the View window. You can also add objects to the View window from MimioStudio Gallery.

Displaying a Microscope Slide

Using the included microscope adapter, you can display an image from a microscope with the MimioView camera.

The microscope adapter can be used with a 28 mm microscope eyepiece.

To display a microscope slide

  1. Set up the microscope so that you have the desired view through the microscope eyepiece.
  2. Twist and lock the microscope adapter onto the MimioView camera head.
  3. Slowly and carefully slide the other end of the microscope adapter onto the microscope eyepiece. Use caution to make sure that the image stays in focus while attaching the microscope adapter.


The image from the microscope is displayed in the View window.

  1. Make any adjustments necessary to the microscope to adjust the image.
  2. Press mimioview_focus_button.jpg on the MimioView base.
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