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Boxlight P12 Drivers & Calibration Software Download - Not for Mimio Spaceboard

P12 Projector Calibration Software Non-Ultra-Wide

PC - C3.3.2R - 8.28.18

Download for PC

MAC - C3.5.3R - 8.28.18

Download for MAC


P12 Projector Calibration Software Ultra-Wide

PC - C3.3.2R3 - 8.28.18

Download for PC w/ Ultra-Wide Projector

MAC - C3.5.3R3 - 8.28.18

Download for MAC w/ Ultra-Wide Projector


Boxlight P12 Projector IR Firmware version 2.1.6 works best with the above software.

If you do not have the correct firmware version please submit a support ticket.

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