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Resetting and Calibrating the MimioSpace Board

Microsoft Windows has a calibration feature called "Tablet PC Settings" for touch screen computers that ensures the touch function is calibrated to the computer screen. The MimioSpace Board works similar to a computer touch screen and is affected by the Windows "Tablet PC Settings" when plugged into the computer. If the calibration setting is used while the MimioSpace Board and projector is connected to the laptop it will cause the MimioSpace Board native calibration to be overwritten.  If this happens you will need to reset this feature in the "Tablet PC Settings". 

To prevent The MimioSpace Board from being overwritten by the "Tablet PC Setting", first ensure to unplug the MimioSpace Board USB cable and HDMI cable from the computer prior to recalibrating the computer touch screen.

To "Reset" the MimioSpace Board calibration please perform the following steps:

1. Plug in the MimioSpace Board USB cable into your laptop.

2. Plug in the HDMI cable to your laptop.

3. Extended Desktop Mode

To display the desktop in extended desktop mode, simultaneously press and hold the "Windows" & "P" keys located on your keyboard.

Click "Extend" from the pop-up menu.


4. Open Tablet PC Settings

Click "Start".


Click "Settings".


Type "Control Panel".


Once "Control Panel" is open click "Hardware and Sound".


You will then have the "Hardware and Sound" window open. Now click on "Tablet PC Settings".


Once, "Tablet PC Settings" window is open, use the Display options drop down to select to the Boxlight N12 projector (it may populate as "2. Z28 SSI UWHD"). Once the projector is selected, click on "Reset".


 5. Duplicate Desktop

To display the desktop in duplicate desktop mode, simultaneously press and hold the "Windows" & "P" keys located on your keyboard.

Click "Duplicate" from the pop-up menu.


After changing to Duplicate Desktop mode the Display drop down will show as "1|2. Multiple Monitors". Click on "Reset".


Click "OK", Test the MimioSpace Board for calibration correction.

If the calibration is still off return back to the "Tablet PC Settings" and click on "Calibrate".

Follow the onscreen instructions to properly calibrate the screen with the touch board.

If the issue is not solved please submit a support request.



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