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Audio Crackling Noise

To prevent the computer from playing an Audio Crackling or firework noise please perform the following:


How to prevent 3rd-party software from taking control of the audio device

If you have a computer with audio issues--such as the sound not working or working intermittently--and you've updated the audio drivers, the next step would be to make sure 3rd-party software isn't taking control of the audio device. Sometimes, 3rd-party software or background apps within the operating system can take control of the audio device. When this happens, these apps or 3rd-party software may make changes to the audio--such as muting or lowering the volume--without you being aware.
Follow the steps below to disable applications from taking control of the audio device to determine if this is causing your audio issues:

  1. Right-click the Sound Icon in the bottom right of task bar.
  2. Click Playback or Audio Devices.
  3. Right-click the speaker icon that appears in the settings screen.
  4. Click Properties from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click the Advanced tab on the Speakers Properties screen.
  6. Uncheck the boxes for Allow applications to take exclusive control and Give exclusive mode applications priority in the Advanced Properties screen
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